Hair Care

How to Use Carrots for Hair Growth

If we eat a lot of carrots, we help to strengthen the hair, your hairstyle will be brighter and we will ensure the proper functioning of the hair follicles, the healthy state of your scalp. There are plenty of hair care products that contain carrot extract, but you can also make your own home packing …

Hair Care

Tangle Angel Brush

What Is Tangle Angel Combs Secret? Boasting a beautiful and innovative design, the Tangle Angel Brush – Pink is a godsend for knotted hair. The flexible de-tangling bristles glide through your locks to leave your hair soft, smooth and easy to manage. I tested this Tangle Angel comb on a straight brown hair. A lot …

Hair Care

So dry your hair in the air

Fortunately, warm weather offers a great opportunity to relax your hair, and instead of artificial means, dry it in the air naturally! Here are a few simple tricks. To avoid or reduce the damage caused by the hair dryer, use a hair lotion or vegetable oils such as coconut oil or olive oil. After washing …

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