If we eat a lot of carrots, we help to strengthen the hair, your hairstyle will be brighter and we will ensure the proper functioning of the hair follicles, the healthy state of your scalp.

There are plenty of hair care products that contain carrot extract, but you can also make your own home packing of carrot. It can be mixed with a variety of ingredients, depending on who’s having hair problems. For example, we can make coconut oil for a shredded carrot. This is good if we have a dry, fragmented or dull hair. Not only does this cure regenerate and hydrate, but it also boasts beautiful light and vibrant colors. But we can even apply the pulp carrot as a pack, and it will definitely help in the hairy care of your hairstyle.

Now that summer is coming, we need to pay more attention to getting enough vitamin in your body. Otherwise, it is possible that we will face inconveniences such as spring hair loss. Of course, this is a recoverable process, not to be frightened, but it is better to prevent the problems that we may be responsible for.

Fruits and vegetable for silky hair:

If you want to make your hair silky and smoother, regularly eat nature’s organs, cherries, cranberries, sorrel or pomegranate. These fruits are extremely rich in beneficial antioxidants (especially polyphenols), thus helping to counteract the damaging environmental effects (such as UV radiation or air pollution) that cause hair dryness.

Foods containing vitamin A in higher amounts, such as carrots or sweet potatoes, also soften and silk the hair.

The sun, the wind, the chlorine will thoroughly damage your hair in the summer. However, with the next home-made hair pack, we can easily remedy the damage.

Summer can leave your warts in place, but there’s no reason to worry, because there are simple and inexpensive solutions to make your hair look healthy again.

Carrot, coconut nutritious hair care:

This is a really nutritious combination that combines the beneficial effects of vitamin A and antioxidants in carrots with the nutritious power of coconut oil. Fatty acids in coconut oil are also effective against bran and hair loss.


A roughly cut carrot
2 tablespoons coconut oil


Place the carrots in a blender and blend smoothly, then mix the coconut oil. Lightly moisten your hair, then apply the mass from the hair to the end. Put on a shower cap and leave the wrap for 15 minutes. After that, hair washing and the usual balm can come.

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