When we touch someone, the physical feeling changes – the level of tension-causing hormones decreases, the nervous system tension decreases, the state of the immune system improves, and this affects our behavior and mood.

A lot of people whose life lacks sex, primarily their desire for tenderness is not fulfilled.
Lovers are soaring because they give each other four times more touches, hugs, caresses than other people.

Research shows that a person who is often locked in his arms, embraces him, is less frustrated, less agitated, a sense of fear decreases.

Hug relieves stress. Research shows that the need for touch is much stronger than the need for food.

The need for physical contact is constantly present in our lives, but social rules often prevent the desire for touch. Yet the touch has an incredible great energy to say.

Touching and stroking overcomes pain sensation. Because there are separate nerve fibers in our skin to sense caress, these CT nerve fibers and each such nerve fiber transmit the caress effect from about 1 square centimeter.

According to a psychologist at Virginia Satir, there are four hugs need per day to survive, eight to keep up and twelve for growth. So we should think about how many hugs we give and how many hugs we get every day? Do we survive or grow up in our embrace from the point of view of embrace? Do we provide our family members with enough physical touch besides material goods to support their health?

There is an unbelievable power in touch. Melts people, drops walls between them, more than anything
different and we all respond to it.
There is energy in the touch, the energy of miracles. Touch is one of the strongest manifestations of love that overcomes inhibitions and strengthens relationships.

Love is the most powerful healing power.
Touch, embrace, and hand-to-hand contact – when we give love or receive – cause physical, mental and emotional change in us. To get in touch with someone and hug it is not so easy… It is not known how the other person reacts. Maybe I’m going to get away from myself and take a hostile approach. This is one more reason we try to unblock your inhibitions.

Love needs courage.
You are ready to risk losing yourself to cause pain, but most often we will win. It’s worth trying … People will soon open up to us. If we were all expecting the other man to take the first step, what would be with us? We only have to hug with our arms and open their hearts. Then they will feel the energy of love that the power of touch has flared.

Source: elozoeletek.blogspot.com

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