Fortunately, warm weather offers a great opportunity to relax your hair, and instead of artificial means, dry it in the air naturally! Here are a few simple tricks. To avoid or reduce the damage caused by the hair dryer, use a hair lotion or vegetable oils such as coconut oil or olive oil. After washing hair, do not rub your hair with coarse towel because it can damage you a lot. First, shake your head for the water to spit on it and then just rub it gently with a delicate, microfiber towel. It is best not to dry your hair with a hair dryer, but let it dry in the air. If you are using a hair dryer, then use warm air instead of hot air.

1. Start in the shower

It is worth starting hair styling in the shower! Just as your skin, your hair can dry out, you may be injured, so it is important to properly hydrate! The first step is therefore conditioning. The healthier and softer your hair, the easier it will be to treat later, and you can avoid having a haircut that will cause uncomfortable overall.
Apply deep-nourishing wrap on your wet hair, then leave it for a few minutes and finally wash it thoroughly! Try herbal oils and jojoba oil conditioners, these ingredients nourish the hair and give her a healthy light!

2. Try the microfiber towel!

After showering the most important thing is to remove excess moisture from your hair. Although it may seem a little strange at first, it is best to shake your head before using the towel to help your hair to dry faster.
However, no matter what towel you use to erase your hair!
To avoid a tedious, uncomplicated combination, the best solution is a soft cotton or microfibre towel that effectively absorbs moisture.
Loosen your head and use a microfiber towel to gently wipe your tins.

3. The perfect hair care tools

Drying your hair in the air does not mean that you do not have to use any hair care products.
If you have soft waves, there may be some hair lotion or volumizing spray.
Look at product descriptions, as certain products are specifically designed for air drying hair, while there is artificial heat needed to make effect.
If your hair is smooth, straight and you want to keep it in shape, it’s best to have just a handful of hairdressers on your hair.
Do you prefer loose seashell curls? Try sea salt spray. Wait until your hair is approx. Dry 70 percent and blow it out of the spray! For a wavy effect, slightly mumble or make loose braid!

4. Get a wide tooth comb!

One of the most serious crimes you can commit to your hair is if you try to unravel the hairs after washing hair! Hair is the most vulnerable in this case, so you have to be treated with special precautions.
When your hair is dry for 50 percent, start to gently brush it with a wide tooth comb or a hair brush designed specifically for wet hair!
With these tools, you can get rid of tangles while protecting your tins and scalp from injury.

5. The bun trick

For the wavy effect, try the bun trick!
Use a comb to apply a small amount of smoothing cream to your wet teats, then put your hair on top of your head and wrap it up in a bun and finally wrap it with the waves!
So let your hair dry until it’s dry, finally break out, and the loose wavy hair is ready!

6. Sleep one

If you are having hair tonight and you do not have a strong hair dryer, you do not have to give up on this stunning hairstyle! Before going to bed, let your hair dry a bit, then loosen the haircuts loosely.
If you want a loose overall effect, try a twist on the head. This way you can prevent your hairstyle from rolling over during the night.
In the morning, just break your hair, then arrange your hair with your fingers and a few hair stylists.

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